Combien de Scimitar existent en volant-à-gauche?

Très peu en France, il y en a surtout au Pays Bas, ou Erik Hofman a fait des recherches

Not many in France, there are quite a few in Holland where Erik Hofman has done research

Voici son commentaire ...

A few (20-ish) SE5’s were LHD’s. I have proof of at least 10 cars in existence.

The SE5a is RHD only. Not because Reliant did not want it to be LHD. But at that time the Continent demanded a dual brake system, where the SE5a still had the single system, as on the SE5.

Strange is the SE6. It is the only Scimitar that has a body equipped for LHD/RHD use. But it is RHD only. The SE6b is RHD only too. But not because Reliant did not offer it, buyers didn’t want it. Just as the GTC, with only one sold.

As far as I know about 150 SE6a’s were built as LHD. About 70 sold in the Netherlands, 20-ish in Belgium, 40-50 in Switzerland, 5(?) in Denmark / Scandinavia. And the rest? I guess a few of them went to UK soldiers based in Germany and other frequent Europe travellers in the UK.

Erik Hofman

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